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Redding California

Ring of Fire Weekend


The Shasta Astronomy Club will be viewing the Annular Eclipse from the Brandy Creek Beach Parking Lot (Lot B) on May 20, 2012., Whiskeytown National Recreation Area


What’s an Annular Eclipse? See this Science @ NASA YouTube Video


We will be joining one of many "Ring of Fire" Annular Eclipse Observing parties in National Parks along the path of annularity. Whiskeytown Rangers and local volunteer groups will be supporting this event. The Park Rangers will have eclipse glasses on hand on a first come first serve basis. You can also purchase  #14 Welders Glass available from local welding supply outlets. #14 only.


Remember do not look at the sun ever! not even during this eclipse without proper eye protection. Use Eclipse Glasses or #14 welders glass.


DO NOT use eclipse glasses with Binoculars or Telescopes.

DO NOT use Binoculars or Telescopes to view the eclipse. There will be telescopes on site with approved solar filters. See National Park Service Warning  




Saturday May 19 2012. Star Party The Shasta Astronomy Club will hold a Star Party at the Mount Shasta Mine Loop Trailhead parking lot just off Page Bar Rd in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. Map Link.  Sunset to approx 12am. the pubic is welcome, out of area amateur astronomers are encouraged to bring their scopes.


Sunday May 20 2012. Annular Solar Eclipse Viewing Party/Star Party

All Astronomy Enthusiasts are invited to see a very rare celestial event. Gather at the Brandy Creek Beach parking lot (B). First contact between the Moon and Sun at 5:11 pm. This location is really a nice spot in the park, get there early in the day to enjoy the water and the beautiful surroundings. Later in the evening more Astronomy! Whiskeytown will turn out the lights at this site and will set up yet again for another Star Party! Again out of town amateur astronomers are welcome as is the public.



There are many good locations in the area to view the Eclipse. This location has all the benefits of being in a National Recreation Area and is also supported by the National Park Service Night Sky Team. Whiskeytown is the Star Party Home of the Shasta Astronomy Club so it was just natural to work things out with the Park Service for their Ring of Fire Campaign. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Redding area and hope to meet you out under the Stars on Saturday night or under our Star on Sunday for the Annular Eclipse.





For those interested in the elevation angles from the observation area to the local mountain range.


First picture, this mountain peak, Shasta Bally from the observation area is at azimuth 255 degrees its peak has an elevation angle of 11.7 degrees

Second Picture, ridge line at center of picture looks like two camel backs ,one ridge is at 6.5 degrees elevation and the other 5.5 degrees elevation.

Third picture for more scale: notice the solar light fixture, to its right, the mountain peak is at Azimuth 327.9 degrees and its angle of elevation is 4 degrees from the observation site.

Solar Eclipse Data for the Whiskeytown Eclipse viewing location.

Lat:40.6187N Long:122.5695W

Calculated from the NASA Annular Solar Eclipse Website


                                        Time                  Alt                 Azi

Start of partial eclipse (c1)    17:11:17.7       34.7 deg         267.7 deg

Start of annular eclipse (c2)  18:26:14.8        20.5 deg         279.5 deg

Maximum eclipse:                18:28:31.8        20.1 deg         279.9 deg

End of annular eclipse: (c3):  18:30:48.8       19.7 deg          280.2 deg

End of partial eclipse (c4):     19:36:28.2       07.7 deg          290.1 deg


Duration of Annularity: 4m34.0s


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Annular Eclipse Live Webcast


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